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Oh the beloved toad-in-hole! This one the kids can make with you! Eggs are a great source of protein for their ever growing muscles! Sprouted grain bread has a higher nutritional value because the grains are sprouted before being milled, making them easier to digest and absorb. This is a quick and easy breakfast treat!  Every time I make it it brings me back to my childhood, as this would be a treat. 

Taking 1 slice of sprouted grain bread, cut a circle out of the centre, the size of a small glass. Butter both sides of the bread and the little centre piece.

 Heat up a frying pan and place the bread in, allowing it to begin toasting on one side. When it appears to be nicely browning, crack an egg into the centre hole. Let it continue to cook a bit longer. Using a spatula, carefully flip this over to cook the other side. Cook it til both sides of the toast are browned and the egg is done to your liking. 

Place onto your plate, and serve with bacon, salsa, or whatever your taste buds desire! Don't forget the little cookie. It's job is to wipe up all the yummy yolk drippings at the end! Ready to show off your Toad-in-the-Hole? Post a Pic on Instagram and Tag Me! @succeedwithshirley Happy Cooking!

Shirley #breakfast #toadinthehole

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