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Shirley Van Egmond
Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Training Specialist, Niagara on the Lake, Ontario.
Shirley Van Egmond doing a side plank on a yoga mat. Owner of Succeed with Shirley, Niagara on the Lake Personal Trainer and Holistic nutrition coach


Fitness Training Coach, Founder

The road to health and happiness is not always an easy one.  I know it can be overwhelming and frustrating because I've been there.


Why does health and fitness seem to feel so complicated when all you really want is to fit into your favourite pair of jeans and feel truly energetic and happy with your body?



I know life is busy! Between work, meals, laundry, cleaning the house, looking after kids, pets and mom & dad, it’s no wonder you’re exhausted, stressed out, gaining weight and not sleeping well. You know it’s time for some self care but all you want to do is collapse on the couch with a glass of wine and a bowl of popcorn. I know how that feels, because that was my life.  After my kids were born I made the decision to live my life differently. I wanted to take steps to not only lose weight, but to feel great. I wanted to feel happy and confident in my body and in my clothes. It was time for me to take some of the hours of the week and look after me.

Shirley Van Egmond doing a quad muscle stretch. Owner of Succeed With Shirley, Holistic nutrition coach, Niagara on the Lake Personal Trainer


Get Inspired by Real People

"One of my favourite qualities, and one I didn't expect from a trainer, is her compassion. We all have bad days, and sometimes we just don't have much "in the tank to give". Shirley never judges. She's kind and supportive and says "Just give me what you can." There's been a couple times when I went in for my sessions, and I was just physically and emotionally drained. She immediately recognized the day I was having, and adjusts things accordingly. 


She truly wants what is best for me. When I signed up to training, I had 3 goals....strengthen my posture, get rid of my "shower curtains" (flabby arms) and wanted to stop hurting. She is helping me achieve all those things. I feel so much better physically and mentally! And I look forward to my workouts....who knew that would happen?"


"As a person, I feel like Shirley lives what she teaches in all aspect of what she does. She definitely walks the talk. As for character, Shirley is strong in both her mind and body, have a realistic approach to life, a great sense of humour, sensitive to other people but still tough at the same time." 


Shirley Van Egmond wearing athletic clothing and looking off to the side. Niagara on the Lake Personal Trainer and Holistic nutrition coach, Owner of Succeed With Shirley


I am here to show you there are achievable steps you can take to create that healthy, vibrant life you want.  My mission as a passionate fitness and holistic nutrition coach is to help people understand food, and how it contributes to the energetic, younger and confident body they remember having. Pair that with a simple exercise program, and you will be well on your way to getting the success you are looking for!

A kettle bell on the floor of a gym. Niagara on the Lake Women’s Gym, Strength training for women over 50 and beginners

This set me on a journey to discover how best to look after myself. I didn’t want to just follow another fad diet, I wanted to do it in a healthy way that became my new lifestyle. I began working out, reading not only books and magazines, but food labels. I went back to school to become a personal trainer and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. That all started 28 years ago, and now that I am at the other end of the spectrum and dealing with menopause, I have done the research and come up with solutions that not only helped me, but will also help other women over 40 achieve their goals of a healthy and strong body that fits them comfortably back into their favourite pair of jeans.  


I have created a few different online courses to help you get started! 

I am currently working away at publishing them, but in the meantime, check out my FREE 5-Day Guide to To a Healthier You where I help you make simple wellness and nutrition choices to fuel and energize your body. 

A tablet on a table showing '5 Steps to a healthier you' guide by Shirley Van Egmond, Holistic nutrition coach, Niagara on the Lake Fitness Coach
An opened laptop on a desk showing the 'Stop Eating Crap' 21-day detox program from Succeed With Shirley,  Holistic nutrition coach, Women's fitness program


Purchase my 21 Day Stop Eating Crap Simple Food Formula and learn the basics for a proper healthy nutrient rich diet that will have you feeling your best by making these simple changes.


Learn about: macronutrients, myths about hydration, proper portions and much more in 4 videos 

PLUS: Meal Planning ideas that are simple to make with ingredients that are easy to find.


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